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Accü is Netherlands born musician and recording artist. The half Dutch half Welsh singer-songwriter moved to rural Carmarthenshire Wales as a child and went on to write in both English and Welsh.

She is best known for her works as a singer, songwriter and producer although she also encompasses her work as a visual artist in her live shows as well as in art exhibitions. This was how the alias Accü came into fruition, meaning 'accumulator' in Dutch, reflecting how she gathers and collects her work lyrically, visually and sonically to create her songs.

From the transition of moving countries at 8 years old, she describes that for a couple of years, every language she knew felt like a second language, which created a self made space of detachment, entertaining herself through the making of music, and scripting and filming VHS movies with her other siblings. Being one of eight siblings and now coming from a large family of artists, years were spent escaping boredom with one another in the reclusive rural setting, ultimately paving the way to her musicianship.

To date she has collaborated and recorded with writer and comedian Stewart Lee, the duo Cornershop and frequent collaborateur Richard James of Gorkys Zygotic Mynci.

In 2016 she relocated from Cardiff back to Carmarthenshire, Maesycrugiau to complete her debut album, where she recorded and mixed it in her caravan. The debut album ‘Echo The Red’ was released in 2018 on Libertino Records to critical acclaim.




‘O’r Iseldiroedd i’r uchelderau,o un daith i’r ddawns nesaf’. Dyma sut y disgrifia’r cerddor a’r gantores Accü ei llwybr creadigol. Hyd yn hyn ar ei phererindod mae hi wedi gweithio gyda’r digrifwr, Stewart Lee, y ddeuawd Cornershop, Richard James o Gorkys a chynhyrchu rhaglenni ar gelf i BBC Radio Cymru.

Ei phrosiect diweddaraf yn 2018 oedd rhyddhau, ‘Echo The Red’, ei halbwm cyntaf ar label recordio Libertino. Dyma albwm sy’n dal i adleisio yng nghlustiau hen a newydd



“Accü as one to watch in the coming years” - The Quietus


“Wales Arts Review, 2018 Album of the Year”


“Echo The Red is beautiful, mysterious, delicate yet strident. It is an album that marks Accü out to be an artist that is set to have a long and incredibly interesting career. As opening statements by an artist goes this is as good as it gets so ... enjoy your trip around Accü’s world…it’s one hell of an exciting trip” - Louder Than War


“ It is an album with heart, and one that displays a real mastery of the tools at hand in the electronic biosphere. Accü knows exactly what she’s doing, and, apparently, why she is doing it. Echo the Red touches on many pigeonholes, and yet doesn’t rest at any of them. It has some of the lovely folds and turns of a Kraftwerk record, some of the considered tones of Eno; but it also has that French thing going on, and there is a quiet undertow of a north American vibe straight from the footlockers of Yo La Tengo.” - Wales Art Review


“Echo The Red is an album for fans of experimental electronic music, both from the past and the present, so many traits delivered expertly and more importantly, it feels like the listener is at the heart of it all.” - REMY

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