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Croeso CHROMA!

❤️ 🖤 Newyddion cyffrous iawn mae CHROMA yn ymuno â Libertino ar gyfer rhyddhau EP anhygoel fydd allan haf yma 🌞

❤️🖤 Very exciting news CHROMA are joining Libertino for the release of an amazing EP that will be out later this summer 🌞

“Chroma have always been a band firmly placed at the beating heart of the Welsh music scene. They have so much to say and share with provocative, emotionally fragile lyrics and a social awareness that places them in a long line of trailblazing Welsh artist where music is a language to forge a new future. Musically the limitations of Bass, Drums and Vocals is freeing from rock’s well trodden paths. A blank canvas before them, they paint powerful fuzz drenched anthems that are unique and exhilarating”


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