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Beat The Babble - Alex Dingley

Beat The Babble - Alex Dingley


Libertino are proud to announce the release of Alex Dingley's 3rd album for the first time in the UK.


'Beat The Babble' was first released in the US via Birth Records but will become available for the first time in the UK on limited blue vinyl with new art and digitally on June 15th. 


Alex Dingley travelled from West Wales' Llansteffan to California's West Coast to make his forthcoming album, 'Beat The Babble', with Tim Presley, Cate Le Bon and Samur Khouja. 




01. After The Laughter | 2:10
02. Between The Sheets | 1:41
03. Butterfly Corpses | 2:31
04. I Don't Ever | 2:20
05. Lovely Life To Leave | 2:48
06. Not Alone In The Dark | 2:36
07. If I Asked You To Dance | 2:26
08. She Just Came By To Say Hello | 3:46
09. One Good Idea | 2:29
10. In The End | 2:47



Artist: Alex Dingley

Location: Llansteffan, Wales

Title: 'Beat The Babble'

Release Format: Limited Blue Vinyl / Digital

Produced By: Alex Dingley, Cate Le Bon, Tim Presley
Engineer: Samur Khouja

Label: Libertino Records 

Catalogue No: LIB020

  • The digital download is for personal use only, any redistribution is a breach of the licence and artist copyright. 

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