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Bring Me The Head Of Jerry Garcia - KEYS

Bring Me The Head Of Jerry Garcia - KEYS



Dyddiad Rhyddhau / Release Date: 22.11.2019 


Bring Me the Head of Jerry Garcia: Tracklisting


1.  Pussyfooting

2.  (Gareth Bale) Killed My Scene 
3.  You Wear the Loveliest Gowns
4.  Bad Penny
5.  I Only Want You For Your Rock and Roll
6.  Black and White
7.  Leaf Mounds
8.  House of Eyes
9.  Bring Me the Head of Jerry Garcia
10.Broken Bones


Artist: KEYS

Location: Cymru/Wales

Title: 'Bring Me The Head Of Jerry Garcia'

Release Format: Limited CD / Digital

Recorded, Produced and Mixed By: Steffan Pringle

Label: Libertino Records 

Catalogue No: LIB060CD



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