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PRE-ORDER: Amser Mynd Adra - Papur Wal

PRE-ORDER: Amser Mynd Adra - Papur Wal



Dyddiad Rhyddhau / Release Date: 08.10.2021 


(Due to vinyl production delays affecting the music industry, 'Amser Mynd Adra' will not be shipped out until early April 2022. We will be sending out a digital version of the album to everyone who purchases a vinyl copy on the day of release, 8th October 2021. Thank you for your understanding)


Artist: Papur Wal

Location: Cymru/Wales

Title: 'Amser Mynd Adra'

Release Format: Limited Vinyl / Digital

Produced: Krissy Jenkins, Papur Wal 

Recorded and Mixed: Krissy Jenkins 

Mastered: Charlie Francis

Label: Libertino  

Catalogue No: LIB112


Amser Mynd Adra: Rhestr Traciau / Tracklisting 

Ochr 1


1. Rhwng Dau Feddwl (In Two Minds)
2. Arthur
3. Meddwl am Hi (Thinking About Her)
4. Andrea a Fi (Andrea and I)
5. Haul Chwefror (February Sun)


Ochr 2

1. Brychni Haul (Freckles)
2. Penblwydd Hapus (Happy Birthday)
3. Llyn Llawenydd (Lake Happiness)
4. Nôl ac yn ôl ac yn ôl (Backwards and Backwards and Backwards)
5. Anifeiliaid Anwes (Fi Efo Hi) (Pets)

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