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PRE - ORDER: Y Gawres - Sister Wives

PRE - ORDER: Y Gawres - Sister Wives


Dyddiad Rhyddhau / Release Date: 28.10.2022 (Digital) (Due to vinyl production delays affecting the music industry, 'Y Gawres' will not be shipped out until February 2023. Thank you for your understanding)



Location:  Sheffield / Lloegr / England

Title: 'Y Gawres'

Release Format: Limited Vinyl / Digital

Label: Libertino  

Catalogue No: LIB155




1. O Dŷ i Dŷ

2. Ticking Time Bomb

3. Streets at Night

4. Another Day

5. Hares on the Mountain

6. Greater Place

7. Y Gawres

8. Y Merch Werdd

9. Baron Hill

10. Hwiangerdd

11. O Dŷ i Dŷ - Ail Rhan

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